Want some expert advice on how to make AO: Rapid Inventory work at peak performance for your company? We can help you with that.

From consulting before you buy, to training and implementation help, or inventory management consulting to improve your workflow, our experienced consultants get to know your business and develop solutions specifically for you.

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If you really want to see how AO: Rapid Inventory could work in your business, we can tailor a demo specifically for you.

After discussing your specific needs and inventory management issues, we will create a customized demo and run through it with you via webinar.

A typical customized demo takes 4 – 6 hours at our QuickBooks inventory consulting consulting fee of $120 per hour.

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Complete Training and Implementation Services

If you want a fully customized, in-depth implementation of AO: Rapid Inventory that ensures your business is fully optimized for inventory management right from the start, take advantage of our Training and Implementation Services.

If you are implementing bar coding and mobile scanners, or have operational processes such as building assemblies or complex multi-warehouse operations, our Consulting Services can significantly shorten the time-frame required to go live with AO: Rapid Inventory.

What’s Covered

Implementation Planning:

  • Process flow design for your new AO: Rapid Inventory workflows
  • Training plans to teach the new AO: Rapid Inventory processes
  • Migration to a live AO: Rapid Inventory environment process planning and time-line definition


  • Configuring the optimal AO: Rapid Inventory settings for your business
  • Wireless mobile bar code scanner & printing hardware set up
  • Create a AO: Rapid Inventory testing and training environment

Training & Implementation:

  • Conducted on-site or remotely (via web conference)
  • AO: Rapid Inventory Best Practices training for your business
  • Operations migration assistance from your ‘test’ environment
  • Initial operations support. This is assistance with any issues that occur during your first few days of operation after going live with AO: Rapid Inventory

Services can be provided on-site or remotely:

  • $120/hour for services provided remotely
  • $150/hour for on-site services (plus travel expenses)

Ready to get started? Call us directly at 303-335-0824 or fill out our form below.

Quick Start Package

If you’d like some help implementing AO: Rapid Inventory, we have developed a three-hour training program to help you easily conquer the setup, training, and implementation.

For just $350, we’ll make sure you’re off and running, using Rapid Inventory in the perfect way for your specific business practices and workflows.

Our standard help desk support is included with your subscription, but if you require a more personal approach to a technical problem or issue after you’ve implemented AO: Rapid Inventory, we’re here to help. We know the software inside and out and have seen just about everything concerning inventory management.

We offer call or email response within 2 hours for most calls.

We’re here from 8 am to 5 pm Mountain Time, Monday through Friday.

Support services are billed in 15 minutes increments and are purchased in 2-hour blocks. A 2-hour block of pre-paid technical support is priced at $200.

Important Note – This service is only available to AO: Rapid Inventory customers who are in full operation with the product. It is not offered as a ‘Getting Started’ service. This is support for AO: Rapid Inventory desktop and mobile processes only. Please contact QuickBooks support for the Accounting aspects of QuickBooks and AccuCode Hardware Support for bar code hardware defects or malfunctions.

Ready to get started? Call us directly at 303-335-0824 or fill out our form below.

If you have a business change coming up—a new warehouse, new product line, or implementing bar code scanning—your workflows will necessarily change.

AO: Rapid Inventory Consulting Services can help you make the change quickly and efficiently.

Here’s how it works:

In most cases, the process starts with a detailed analysis of your operations and your current usage of AO: Rapid Inventory. The next step is to prepare specific recommendations for improved process flows. Then we review the recommended changes with you in a business-specific, tailored demonstration (online or on-site) that illustrates our recommended best practices for your business. We also create a detailed migration plan to help you move from your current AO: Rapid Inventory usage to the recommended AO: Rapid Inventory environment.

The rates for Workflow Consulting are:

  • $120/hr for services provided remotely
  • $150/hr for on-site services (plus travel expenses)

Prepare for your workflow change now. Call us directly at 303-335-0824 or fill out our form below.

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